NiMa Project

My job is to paint mandalas, a tale of emotions, moods, life experiences and travel.

It comes from a geometric design, no mind, that I create following a few rules.
Once I have obtained the basic drawing, I let myself be inspired by the forms and emotions that emerge in that particular moment, and, starting from the center, I insert the details that gradually make up the painting.

One of the characteristics of the mandala is to act as a “mirror” for both, the person who works on it and the viewer.
Consequently, the spectator will find himself involved in the details he observes, recognizing, through his own emotions, his experiences of travel and life lived or the desire to find himself in places still unknown to him.

Each mandala therefore contains in itself an infinity of details and colors that can be reproduced, in whole or in part, depending on the needs of the collections.

Below is an example of the processing of my “Freedom” mandala which comes from an experience of travel-work in Japan, from the initial stages to the finished painting, and portions of it.

Freedom – watercolor 55×55 cm